FAQs for the Workshops

1. For whom these workshops are?
⇨These workshops are totally beginner friendly. So, as long as you’re passionate about learning new skills you are perfect to join these workshops.

2. Are these workshops online or offline?
⇨We conduct the workshops online, live on Zoom. You can join from anywhere in the World.

3. What if I can not register for the live session?
⇨You can buy the recorded sessions as well and can reach out to us for any kinds of doubts.

4. What is the language of instructions for the workshops?
⇨ English

5. What raw materials or ingredients do I need during the workshops?
⇨ You don’t need any single ingredients to join the workshops.

6. After attending the workshops, will I be able to start my own skin care business?
⇨ Definitely, we will teach you everything from making to packing. You are good to start your own business once you attend the workshops.

7. Is it really effective to learn how to make bath and body products online?
⇨ Our workshops are designed and taught such a way that you won’t get any problem in learning the accurate skill, though these are online. 3000+ people have learnt already and many have started their own skin care businesses.

8. After attending the workshops do I need to search for the raw materials of my own?
⇨ You don’t need to worry about getting the best natural and organic raw materials. We will provide you with a full list of vendors’ details.

9. Do I need to buy heavy machines to make products for business?
⇨ All of your products will be handcrafted, so you don’t need to buy any heavy machines.

10. What if I find any difficulty in making the products?
⇨ You will get lifetime support for any of your doubts and queries. You can contact us for any kind of problems you face in the making process.

FAQs for the Products

 1. Are all of your products Organic including the Attars?

Yes. All of our products are 100% Organic, handcrafted without using any harmful chemicals.

2. My skin is very sensitive to almost everything. Can I use your skin and bath products?
Harmful chemicals present in conventional skincare brands actually react badly with skin, resulting in itchiness, dryness, or breakouts. Every single ingredient in Sparkling Mosaic products is natural. So, you can use them without a second thought even if you have very sensitive skin.

3.How are Sparkling Mosaic products different from other skincare products available in the market?
Every product is handcrafted and made from Natural and Organic ingredients. We prepare every product only after you place the order to ensure that you get only the fresh and best. Our products are packed with love in reusable glass jars to make them more hygienic and eco-friendly. We don’t test on animals. So these are Cruelty-free as well as Vegan. So in every aspect, Sparkling Mosaic products are a better option for your skin and body essentials.

4. Do you test on animals?
All of our products are cruelty-free. We test our products on ourselves only.

5. I want to place orders in bulk and resell Sparkling Mosaic Products. Is there any provision for this?
 Yes! We would love to provide you products in bulk also. Kindly WhatsApp us at the provided number on the website to get the reduced rate for bulk orders.